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Backpack Safety

Does Your Child Have ‘Bag Pain’?

How much weight should a child carry in their backpack?

Welcome to Our Family Chiropractor. You can visit us at our family-based chiropractic clinic at Suite 6/17 Surf Rd, Cronulla NSW 2230 (open in Google Maps). In this blog we discuss backpack tips to minimise the chance of kids getting back pain.

Does your child experience constant backaches or nagging neck pain?

If so, the growing pains and growth spurts may not be the only things to blame.

Along with the usual suspects, heavy and overloaded backpacks may contribute to your child’s back pain, neck tension, postural issues and headaches. Poorly-fitted backpacks may also contribute to musculoskeletal health problems in children.

The problem with heavy backpacks

In adults, heavy lifting is a common cause of workplace injury, especially those relating to the spine and back.

Similarly, school kids with heavy and overloaded backpacks may experience discomfort, unbalanced postures and muscular pain due to carrying heavy or awkward loads.

Tips for your child’s backpack:

  • Backpacks should weigh no more than 10% of a child’s weight when packed
  • The backpack should be appropriate sized – no wider than the child’s chest
  • The backpack needs broad, padded shoulder straps
  • Use waist straps attached – they are there for a good reason
  • Don’t wear the backpack lower than the hollow of the lower back
  • Use school lockers where possible
  • Place all heavy items at the base of the back, close to the spine for better distribution of weight

You may need to adjust your kids’ backpacks or look at what they are carrying if they:

  • Have difficulty in getting the backpack on or off
  • Have back pain
  • Lean forward to carry the backpack
  • Are developing an odd posture
  • Have pains or notice numbness or weakness in the arms or legs

Get the right advice

As chiropractors, we provide advice and assistance on getting back to school ready, including how to maintain your child’s spinal health and overall wellbeing.

Additionally, the experienced and qualified team at Our Family Chiropractor checks school shoes and education on tips for using technology needed for school and ergonomics when doing school work.

Our Chiropractors will check:

  • Your child’s posture
  • Educate on school bag fit and weight
  • Check school shoes
  • Give tips for using technology needed for school
  • Advice on ergonomics when doing school work

With kids spending nearly 200 days at school each year it is important they are mindful of their health when in school, especially their spine.

Unfortunately, kids aren’t often aware of the impact that common activities like sitting in a classroom, carrying a heavy bag and excessive screen time can have on their overall health and wellbeing.

Chiropractors are qualified and trained to assess and manage disorders of the musculoskeletal system. We also offer solutions and advice regarding your existing spinal health issues, as well as advice on how to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Backpack Safety

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