Chiropractor for Back Pain

Chiropractor for Back Pain

Are you seeking relief from your back pain? Have you been experiencing chronic back pain for a while and want to find out how to relive it? At Our Family Chiropractor, we may have the answers to your problems.

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What are the Typical Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain can stem from various causes, including accidents, sports injuries, poor posture and muscle strains. Other causes may also include:

  • Spine-related disorders
  • Herniated or slipped discs
  • Bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint
  • Lifestyle triggers such as smoking, lack of exercise, wearing high heels and lifting heavy objects.

In addition to treating the symptoms of back pain, our team of experienced chiropractors at Our Family Chiropractor aim to address the underlying causes of back pain as well as any accompanying symptoms such as pain in the neck, arms, and legs, and headaches.

How may Chiropractic Care Help With Back Pain?

Chiropractors look at the proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine. We pride ourselves on the fact that we use no surgery or medication to help our patients. Chiropractic adjustments are used to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury caused by a traumatic event, such as falling, or repetitive stress, such as sitting without proper back support.

Chiropractic treatment can be used as a pain relief alternative for muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It is sometimes used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

Rest assured, a Chiropractor’s education in Australia is an extensive university degree of five years. They are fully equipped to be able to help you and your back pain needs, or refer you off to any other professionals that can help if needed. Depending on your health concerns, you may choose to visit a chiropractor experienced at treating a particular problem – for example, a chiropractor for lower back pain.

A recent review on chiropractic clinical guidelines concluded that “doctors of chiropractic are well suited to diagnose, treat, co-manage, and manage the treatment of patients with low back pain disorders”.

What Does Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Involve?

A chiropractor first takes a patients’ medical history, before performing a physical examination, using lab tests or diagnostic imaging to determine if Chiropractic care is appropriate to treat a patients’ back pain.

A treatment plan may involve Chiropractic adjustments in which the Chiropractor realigns the joints, and applies a controlled force to particular areas of the body to improve range and quality of motion.

Gentle techniques may also be used in our practice . The decision of which technique to use and when depends completely on the individual client and client preferences are always considered heavily.

Back pain chiropractors in our practice also incorporate nutritional care and exercise/rehabilitation into your treatment plan. The goals of chiropractic care include the restoration of function and prevention of injury in addition to back pain relief.

Research has also shown chiropractic care to be helpful in treating neck pain and headaches. In addition, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia may respond to the remedies used by Chiropractors.

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