Chiropractic and Health Events

About Our Events

Welcome to Our Family Chiropractor events page. As a health coach, I see it as my role to help simplify your journey towards creating health for yourself and your family. We make it easy for you.

We pick important health topics that we think you would find useful to know the latest information on, and you show up. We encourage you to bring a partner or friend because the more people around you that share a similar health journey, the greater the chance of your success.

Events run by Dr. Kerry Falzon.

Workshop Topics

Our Event topics include:

  • Tummy time for babies
  • Stress
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • The right way to sleep – sleeping posture, mattresses and pillows
  • Better results faster
  • Your body was designed to heal
  • Enhance your sporting performance

Our workshops have changed to an online format. Stay tuned for dates.