Pregnancy Chiropractor

On this page you can watch some short videos on pregnancy chiropractic care. At Our Family Chiropractor, we offer chiropractic care services to women looking to maintain their health during pregnancy. Principal chiropractor and owner Dr. Kerry Falzon (Chiropractor) is a highly professional and qualified Doctor of Chiropractic who may assist with your back pain and pregnancy concerns. Find out more about our pregnancy care below.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

An overview and my personal story.

Preconception Healthcare and Chiropractic

We discuss preconception healthcare options. Having been a chiropractor for over a decade, Kerry and team work primarily with families including newborns, children, mums and pregnant women. There are many things you can do prior to conception to influence health and fertility. These include improving your nutrition, having a routine blood test, support with pre-pregnancy supplementation and get any dental work needed out of the way.

Back Pain and Discomfort When Pregnant

If you are experiencing back pain when pregnant, pubic bone pain, tension into the front of your lower belly, or are having difficulty with shallow breathing due to baby taking up all the room, then it is worthwhile checking to see if we can improve your alignment and body tension for a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

Postural Stress and Biomechanics | Pregnancy Posture

Quickly changing biomechanics and hormones come into play heavily during pregnancy and they certainly impact our body’s stress levels.

Why the Right Healthcare Team Matters | Pregnant Support Groups

Having great support and a healthcare team that is aligned with your values during pregnancy and birth is so important. If your support network are empowered mums who know how to choose their healthcare team carefully, know what they want from pregnancy, birth and motherhood, it’s a great place to start just by having conversations with them. If you feel you don’t have a support network aligned with your values, then employing a doula, who is essentially an experienced and informed support person, during this period of your life is a very wise idea. Research your practitioners and don’t settle until you feel 100% comfortable with your choices.

Postnatal Care and Chiropractic

You may benefit from postnatal chiropractic care, to address any musculoskeletal symptoms you may have. Based on what you tell us, we assess you and if appropriate, we may provide gentle treatment to get your body back to healing mode and back on track.

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